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Grief & Loss

We will all experience loss of one form or other in life- whether that is though someone we love dying, or relationships ending, or health deterioration or changes or work loss.

Although there are several common stages on the cycle of grief/ loss our relationship with loss is individual and everyone has their own emotional journey to get though.

When we grieve we are finding a way of processing and adjusting to loss.

Grief is a process with stages:

Shock/ Searching/ Denial /Disbelief this is a "numb" stage when you first hear the news about the loss- whatever form that loss takes.

(This is a bit like emotional anaesthetic- the purpose is to protect you from feeling that you're drowning in the overwhelming nature of the bad news- it helps protect you from coping with too much too soon.)

The next stages- characterised by Yearning, anger anxiety despair loneliness and guilt can feel overwhelming.

The reality of the loss begins to become real: when you feel the pain of the loss.

You might find you are able to talk more happily about the person now. You might feel interested in work etc again.

Healing also involves building new hobbies and interests and possibly new friends.

It's important to process the feelings of grief rather than bottle them up. Loss involves pain but the pain will lessen if you work through it.

Don't be hard on yourself and expect you to be through it before you're ready. Its okay to pace and give yourself steps to take.

Counselling can help you process grief- especially through the difficult feelings- anxiety, guilt, anger, loneliness and depression.

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